Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Heart Baseball

As you all know, I am outnumbered at home.  Three boys, and me.  (I guess there are two girls, if you count my dog, Couscous, but let's leave her out for the moment).

Coming from a family where there were two daughters, this is a new thing for me.  I was never one that was dead set on having a girl, but I have wondered:  Will I be sad when I don't have anyone to share a spa day with?  Someone to get go shopping with?

As my boys get older, I realize the answer is a resounding NO.

This weekend, my husband is taking Braden to a baseball game.  You know, a real guy thing. Someday soon, Casey will be able to accompany Braden and Daddy on these excursions.  And I will be left home ... alone.

Do you know how marvelous that is?

A day to myself?  To do whatever it is I want?  Yes, I'll take that.  A shopping and spa buddy is nice in theory.  But for now, what I yearn for is a bit of peace.  Quiet.  Alone time.  Wow, alone time.  I never thought it would be so enticing!

So, see, having all boys isn't so bad after all.  Now we just need to get our own master bathroom, and I'll be set.

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