Thursday, July 14, 2011

Un-wined of the Week - This One's a Freebie

This week's wine is:

Domaine Alfred Pinot Noir

I didn't actually choose the wine this week.  It was chosen for me, as it was the red wine served at my husband's firm event last evening.  It was nothing spectacular.  It was fine - full bodied, yet subdued, and non-teeth staining, despite its darker than normal color.  It went down easy.  A little too easy, in fact, as I ended the night on the dance floor - at a LAW FIRM summer event.  Never a good idea.  

Overall rating - 5/10


  1. No comments on the event itself and how it was to re connect with associates!?

  2. @ 10:43- perhaps I'll post some reflections sometime next week. But this morning, I was way too hungover for anything too thoughtful.

  3. this reminds of a young american who lived and worked in the London.

  4. Oh Jack, how I miss thee. I saw Raj last week, and he says he is coming back in the fall. Come with him and we shall have a reincarnation of our happy hours at the Fox.

  5. I love pinot noir--my favorite is Concannon pinot. Firestead is pretty good too.

  6. @2:30 - Thanks for the recommendations! Maybe I will try to pick one of those up in the next couple of weeks. :)


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