Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Through The Witching Hours

By far, the hardest time of day for me is 5-7 pm.  This is when the kids start getting whiny, when dinner has to be made, when the kids refuse to eat dinner, when I fight with them over it, when I ultimately clean up the huge mess that was made by them not eating dinner, and when I have to face and deal with said whiny kids until the bedtime routine begins.

It's during this time where I call or email my husband begging him to come home to provide me some relief.   It's during this time that my patience gets worn thin.  It's during this time where I am simply beaten down.  I lose all capability to experience emotion - no happiness, no sadness, no anger, no impatience.  Just blank, spent, flat.  Kind of like Goldie Hawn in Overboard when all she does is say "Buh buh buh buh."  (Click here for the clip.  It's classic).  

I have found some ways to mitigate these difficult hours.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Thursday Night Out

Just a reminder for those locals reading this - tomorrow is the first DC area "Mommy Esquire" meet-up.  This group intends to promote fellowship, education, and networking for lawyers with young children.  

And it's a good excuse to get a drink.  

The event is downtown tomorrow night from 6:30-8:30pm, and appetizers will be provided courtesy of Montage Legal Group.  Email me at if you are interested in coming and want details.  

Otherwise, happy Wednesday everyone!   

Monday, April 22, 2013

Self Portrait

Last week we had Braden's parent teacher conference.

We were excited - we love going to Braden's school.  Remember last year when I wrote that post about how I was all in a tizzy about Braden changing schools?  Well, turns out it was the best decision we ever made.  Seriously.  This new preschool is amazing and warm and nurturing and impressive and worth every ridiculously expensive penny.

So suffice it to say, we couldn't wait to go and pat ourselves on the back once again about making such a great decision for our child.  And of course, we couldn't wait to hear all wonderful things about our little angel.

Generally, it was all wonderful.  It's so great to talk to people who get your kid, who care about your kid, and who can give you insights that even you as a parent might not know.  They talked about Braden's strengths, weaknesses, interactions with other kids, and at the end, there was an elaborate display of his artwork.

Let me start by saying that neither my husband nor I are even the least bit artistic or crafty, so I was pretty impressed at the size of Braden's portfolio.  And I was equally impressed when I saw Braden's self portrait, which had legs, arms, a face, etc.  That is, until I caught the details, and the caption.

Here's Self Portrait #1:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is The World Going to Shit?

Yesterday's tragedy in Boston was just another event in what seems to be a sequence of tragedies that makes me wonder, Is this world going to shit?  

I mean, it's hard not to think that way.  When children are being murdered in schools, when an 8 year old dies while waiting for his dad to cross a marathon finish line, when women in Syria are being systematically raped, when road side bombs in the Middle East are no longer a front page news story, when North Korea is about to unleash its terror, when U.S. Ambassadors are killed in their embassies, when there is still racism and sexism and homophobia and anti-semitism and global warming...

It makes you wonder what the hell is going on.  And if our world really is, indeed, going to shit.

I've thought on this for the past 24 hours.  And I think the answer is no.  I don't think our world is going to shit.  I think it's always been that way.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"You're Such a Mom"

Let me say this about myself:  I'm not really a shopper.  I'm not the type that goes on a buying binge and then comes home and models clothes for my husband, soliciting flattery.  When I do refresh my wardrobe, for a new season, for example, I generally do so out of sheer necessity and keep it at that.  I like to think when it comes to this department, I'm pretty low maintenance.

Let me say this about my husband.  He is really smart - probably one of the smartest people I have ever met.  He consistently outperformed me in law school and typically beats me in Words with Friends.  But... he is a man.  And, like all men, he can at times be a gargantuan idiot.  You know, saying stupid things without thinking.  Being well meaning, yet offensive.  Neanderthal-like, really.

It is upon this backdrop that I tell the tale of last night's incident.

Wednesdays are my only day with any time to myself, sans kids.  I have ninety whole minutes.  I decided to spend a portion of this ninety minutes yesterday at DSW Shoe Warehouse, since the unseasonably warm weather made me realize I was in desperate need of sandals.  I was in and out quickly, and made three purchases: a yellow purse, a pair of brown sandals, and a pair of black reefs - to replace the other black reefs I have been wearing for the past three summers.  Here is Exhibit A: Picture of Black Reefs:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can't. Take. Much. More.

Since having children, we have had some notorious, unforgettable, nightmarish weeks where everything just seems to go wrong.  It always involves illness, and usually multiple parties.  Our infamous Thanksgiving comes to mind (where 7 out of 8 house residents were violently vomiting within a 24 hour period).  The Thanksgiving before, Braden got sick, then Casey, who was 5 weeks old at the time, and had to be hospitalized for three days to ensure he didn't have meningitis or some other awful thing infant malady (Casey getting a spinal tap ranks as one of the lower points of my life).  Then there was the hand foot and mouth, followed by strep, followed by the cold, followed by impetigo.  You get the drift.  

I'm in the midst of one of those times right now.

It all was precipitated by Casey's injury nearly two weeks ago.  So much so that I keep replaying that moment in my mind....  If only I hadn't put him in that chair...  If only I'd given him something else for breakfast....  If only SOMETHING HAD BEEN DIFFERENT AND HE HADN'T FALLEN DOWN AND WE'D GONE OUT WITH OUR DAY...

Because it all started with that.  

Casey falls.  Casey needs stitches.  Casey ends up in the ER for five plus hours, where undoubtedly, he picked up some wretched communicable disease.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Are Lawyers So Miserable?

It seems to be common knowledge these days that being a lawyer isn't always the best job.  I remember Tom Hanks giving an interview once on Inside the Actor's Studio, when he was asked what the job is he would least want to do.  His answer?  A lawyer, because "it's like doing homework for a living."

How oddly true.

But now, it's official.

According to a recent Forbes article, the number one unhappiest job in America is..... (drum roll, please).

Associate Attorney

I can't say I'm entirely surprised.  But what is shocking is that not only are we an unhappy bunch, but we are also the most depressed.  According to The Dave Nee Foundation, lawyers are the most frequently depressed occupational group in the U.S., lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from depression than non-lawyers, and lawyers rank 5th in incidence of suicide by occupation.

What gives?

I don't really know.

Whether the law profession attracts people who are unhappy and have a proclivity for depression (or really like homework), or whether it makes people unhappy or depressed, I cannot answer.  But I do have a few observations:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Falling Down

Remember that Michael Douglas movie?

That's me today.  (Minus the gun and violence).

I have spent 1 hour and 45 minutes in the car today, just driving locally.

I've been to two doctor's appointments already.

And I've kind of had it.

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