Monday, July 18, 2011


That will be the lowest temperature this week.  Gotta love DC.

I've written before that Mondays are daunting, but this Monday is especially daunting.  Braden is in between summer camps, so no designated morning activities for him.  My husband has a summer associate event tomorrow night that he claims he absolutely must attend (poor, poor thing), and then will be in New York for work starting Wednesday.

And it is going to be 92+ degrees EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Long mornings, long evenings, and it will be too %^%$#ing hot to do anything outside.

On weeks like this week, my one solace is the mornings - between 7:45 and 8:30.  That is when my husband has morning duty with the kids.  I have encouraged this, because it could be his only time with the kids all day.  Never mind the fact that it means I get to sit in bed for these 45 minutes, and doze a bit, watch the Today show, or play on my laptop.  That's just a perk.

Occasionally these sacred 45 minutes are interrupted for a given reason.  Sometimes my husband needs to leave for work early.  Other times Braden has to go to the potty and only wants me.   Every now and then I'll hear the kids do something adorable and I can't help myself from going to see them and steal a kiss.  And once they see me, that's it.   Braden won't let me back in my room.

But today....  I won't allow any interruptions today.  I need to relish these precious moments of peace, because  today promises to suck.  We are homebound for the morning, because someone will be coming to replace our windshield on our minivan, which mysteriously grew a crack last week.  (In case I haven't mentioned, we are usually out about $500 every couple of weeks for something home breakdown related - now the car is jumping on board).

The cleaners will also be coming this morning, which is a good thing since it has been a month and our house is disgusting.  But this means that my morning with Braden will consist of escaping to a room the cleaners aren't in and attempting to keep Braden from trashing it before the they can clean it.  Chances of that happening = zero.  I will also need to quell Braden's periodic panic attacks stemming from his love/hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner noise.  Casey's morning nap will likely be ruined by said vacuum noise, and Braden will probably not go down for his afternoon nap, since we aren't doing anything this morning to tire him out.   By the time he wakes from his afternoon nap, assuming he takes one, it will be 94 degrees outside.  So we'll be staying in.  Again.

That's why today will most likely suck, and why I am not leaving my bed until I absolutely have to.

T minus 4 minutes and it all begins.

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