Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pic of the Week - Surprise!

I have to be honest.  I was a bit stumped as to what photo I should use for the pic of the week today.  I decided to wait to post until I was inspired.  Little did I know, inspiration would come knocking on my door.  Literally.  

This morning a dear friend and her son came over for a playdate.  We were hanging out in the basement, when I decided to run upstairs to get some snacks for the kids.  I glanced at our front yard from the kitchen and did a double take.  This is what I saw.

Um, yeah, there is a large backhoe in my front yard digging up my lawn.  (Are you impressed with my knowledge of the term, "backhoe"?  I learned it from Braden).

I went outside and said something like, "Um, I live here.  Can you tell me what you are doing?"  Okay, maybe there was a curse word or two in there.  I can't remember.

They informed me that they are with Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, aka, the water people, and something was wrong with our water line.  But not to worry about it, we don't have to pay them to fix it.  The dialogue from there went something like this:

"Okay.  So is someone going to *&?!ing pay to fix my lawn?  Which we just got resodded last year?"

"Oh, sure, we'll send someone out."

"Do you know when?  Who will you send out?  Why were we not informed that a large backhoe would be digging up our lawn?"

"Someone will come out.  Sometime.  Just call the 800 number if you have any questions.  Oh, and by the way, we're going to have to turn your water off for a while."

I came back inside, and the first thing I did was tell the kids that there was a big backhoe in the front yard.  They were super excited.

Then I called my husband and allowed him to have the freak out and call the water people.  He can take this one.

So yeah, I thought this was good inspiration for today's picture.


  1. It would have been really hard for me to not yell about having a law degree and use scary words like "easement" and "harm."

    Your restraint is impressive!

  2. Braeden will probably love this book if he knows about backhoes :

  3. @ 9:36 - what a cute book! He would love that. He loves everything trucks, backhoes, lawnmowers, etc. Such a boy.


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