Thursday, July 21, 2011

Un-wined of the Week - Bachelor Style

It's hot in DC.  REALLY REALLY HOT.  So a white wine was definitely in order last night.

This week's wine is:

Firestone Sauvignon Blanc
Santa Ynez Valley 2009

For those Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there, does this wine sound familiar?  That's right, it's the wine of the infamous Andrew Firestone, who was the Bachelor back in 2003.  Remember, he chose Jen Schefft, and then they broke up a few months later?  Which was hugely surprising (please note a hint of sarcasm here).  In any event, it has been 8 years, but I never forget a Bachelor.  This review is dedicated to Andrew and his long lost love, Jen (who went on to star as the Bachelorette and also came out empty handed).

This wine was refreshing and crisp.  A bit fruity, with a hint of oak, which I usually don't like, but it seemed to work well here.  It would be good with seafood.  We had it with pretzels.  My only complaint is it a bit acidic for my taste, but not too much ruin it for me.  At $11.99, it is a good buy.

Overall rating: 7/10

*Author's note - Keeping with the theme of reality star wines, has anyone been able to try the Ramona Pinot Grigio?  If so, let me know how it is!  Or better yet, send it to me!


  1. I have been trying to find the Ramona Pino Grigio everywhere and can't find it.

  2. i have worked personally with ramona and her wine. let me know what you need.


  3. @ 9:26 - I need you to tell Ramona that she rocks. Love her. In terms of the wine, I can't find it anywhere here - so she is free to send me some if she wants. :) (Just email me for details). I also checked out your blog - love it! Congrats at being retired at 28!

  4. I've tried the Ramona pinot grigio! A friend picked it up in Cali and spirited (GEDDIT???) it back here to DC. I thought it was pretty good, but unlike Ramona, I am not picky about my wine. If it has alcohol in it, I give it a 10/10!


  5. Its primarily in long island, NYC, s fla and Cali.

  6. Ok I just spoke with Ramona and she said you can order it at or go to and hit Pinot. That will tell you stores, etc.


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