Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation Breakdown

Our vacation is now officially over.  Back to 100 degree DC humidity, bills, doctor's appointments, 5pm phone calls to my husband to ascertain his time of departure, and the forceful limitation of my alcohol consumption.


Real life will start soon.  For today, I'm going to bask in the reflection of my two week break.  Here's my vacation breakdown:

- Amount of money spent on vacation - Not yet assessed, but way too much.
- Number of pounds lost in crazy diet prior to vacation - 5
- Number of pounds gained on vacation - 3
- Likelihood that I will just accept this new weight rather than return to crazy pre-vacation diet - Likely.
- Sunny day to rainy day ratio - 14 sunny days/ 1 rainy day.
- The number of times the Cape Cod Gods have blessed me with amazing weather:  this summer, last summer, and our wedding in 2006.  I really am due for a hurricane one of these years.
- Average number of alcoholic beverages consumed each night of vacation - I'd rather not say.
- Average number of nights I would suggest we go to sleep early, but we'd stay up late drinking wine anyway - I'd rather not say.
- Average hours of sleep per night while on vacation - about 6.  It gets light in Cape Cod at effing 4 in the morning.  Why?  Why?
- Kids' milestones met whilst on vacation - Casey crawling, Casey pulling up, Casey clapping, Braden spending an impressive 45 minutes at his first movie and only asking to go to the potty 4 times in that time period.
- Paleness of skin on a level of 1-10 prior to vacation - 1
- Paleness of skin on a level of 1-10 after vacation - 1
- Number of times someone commented on the paleness of my skin after my vacation - 1, by my father in law, approximately 30 seconds after seeing me.
- Number of times I was asked my occupation while on vacation - 3
- Number of times I prefaced my answer with, "I recently quit my job as an attorney." - 3
- Likelihood that this answer will change in the near future - Very low
- Number of mean comments received on this blog over vacation - 1 (on the Betty post, very below the belt and not worth repeating).
- Number of comments deleted over vacation - 1
- Blog makeovers during vacation - 1 (it is still in progress - probably to be completed tomorrow, with darker font.  Do you all like it?)
- Number of votes on the Circle of Moms Top 25 family blog - 144 (and currently in 11th place!  If you want to be super nice you can vote for me here.)
- Number of times I pondered having a third child - several.
- Number of times my husband told me to shut up about it - every time.
- Number of doctor's appointments for myself on first day home after my vacation - 2
- Description of appointments - bone density scan and psychiatrist appointment
- Ricidulousness of being reminded of my ailing body and mental health immediately upon my return from vacation - Very high.
- Days before next vacation - 63
- Destination of next vacation - Santa Barbara, for a wedding - just my husband and I.
- Excitement level for a wedding in California with just my husband - Extremely high
- Overall rating of Cape Cod vacation - 10/10
- Likelihood anything in life is better than a vacation with two adorable boys and an awesome husband - None

Until next time.


  1. You're making me wish I had a real vacation planned and upcoming! Sounds fabulous!!

    Also, I love the makeover - very pretty. :)

  2. Great post! And I love the makeover!

  3. I loved this post. A nice, and entertaining way to give us your vacation breakdown.

    Sounds like it was a great time! I wish I was with you ;o)

    I like the new blog makeover!

  4. Love this blog and I also love Santa Barbara! I always have a great time whenever I visit my friends and family who live there. I learned how to paddle board the last time I was there and it was so much fun! A lot harder then it looks too! We stayed at a great and inexpensive hotel as well; the South Coast Inn ( Best place to escape the chaos of downtown!


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