I officially left my legal career on March 4, 2011 to stay at home with two adorable boys (and I have since made one more).  A few weeks later I decided I wanted to write about it.  (For the detailed back story, read my inaugural post, My New Endeavor).  Over the years, my blog has become a mishmosh of a mom blog meets lawyer blog meets wine-o blog meets I don't even know what kind of blog this is blog.  If you only want to read lawyer stuff, just click on "Biglaw" under the labels in the right column over there. That's right, over there...  down a bit ... you've got it .... right there.

A trip back to where it all began.
My sons are 2, 5, and 7 6, 9, and 11.  My dog, Couscous, is 9 13.  I have an awesome husband, who also happens to be a lawyer.  He's 35 39.  I'm 37 41.  I'm not sure why I put our ages here, but People Magazine always does it, so why not?  We all live in the suburbs outside of DC.  I drive a minivan.

My husband and I.  Younger.  A little bit drunk.  
I love: reality tv, travel, Benihana salad dressing, red wine, looking at old photo albums, eating out, Disney World, meeting people with accents, Skyline Chili, massages, writing, Bill Clinton, long chats with my sister, visiting my friends in London, the ocean, train rides (as long as they are above ground), Wellfleet, MA, and hearing my kids laugh.

I hate: mean people, people who say the phrase "I'm a hugger," putting on sunscreen, fake meat at Chinese restaurants, the Atlanta airport, the background noise of a football game on TV, document review, snotty nosed kids, being too hot or cold,  blow drying my hair straight, when sand sticks to your feet, flying, and having to make my kids three meals a day.  And Donald Trump.

The above lists are not exhaustive.

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