Thursday, July 28, 2011

Un-wined of the Week - "That Family"

Last night my husband got home from work early (aka, 5:30!).  We decided to take advantage of our vast evening hours and go out to dinner.  We went to Listrani's, a casual Italian restaurant that is pretty family friendly.

When we arrived we realized it was half price wine night.  Jackpot!  We ordered a bottle of:

Diseno Malbec 2009

The normal restaurant selling price was $28.00, so we got it for the steal of $14.00 (which is probably more than you could purchase it for in a store anyway).

About a glass in, all hell seemed to break loose.  Casey started screaming.  Braden started whining and running around the restaurant.  We shushed, we scolded, we pleaded, we bribed. Nothing worked.  Pretty soon every other patron of the restaurant, including those who brought kids themselves, were giving us the stink eye.  We were definitely "that family."

We needed to get out of there, and quick.  We asked for the check and to go boxes.  Then we realized - there was still more than half of a bottle of wine left.  Sure, we were making a scene.  But leave wine in a bottle at a restaurant?  Never.  Ever.

My husband and I chugged down the remainder of the bottle in record time.  I tell you, people, we are classy.

We are lucky that the wine was actually easily chuggable.  It was medium bodied and acidic, but not overpowering.  It had a long finish to it, which was nice, given that our enjoyment of it was so brief.  It was dry and went well with our Italian food.  I have to say,  Malbec is quickly becoming my new Pinot.  I haven't had too many that I don't like.

Overall rating: 8/10

(*Author shout out - I want to welcome my nephew to the world, Mason Elias, born earlier this morning.  I can't wait to meet you, and have a long overdue glass of wine with your mommy!*)

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