Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You'll have to excuse me if I'm a bit M.I.A. from the blogosphere this week.  The thing is, I am SUPER busy.

I'm busy sitting by this:

And staring at this:

And marveling at the clarity of this:

And swimming with this guy:

And this guy:

And saying to hell with my Weight Watchers diet by indulging in a couple (okay, maybe a few) of these:

And I am already on the cusp of a depressive state when I realize that I only have three more full days of this hectic, busy schedule.  But I am managing to keep in good spirits, considering the circumstances.  

Is there anything better than vacation?


  1. Just letting you know, that if you care to participate, "You've been tagged!" Go to our blog post to find out more! http://mommyandsincity.blogspot.com/2012/02/tell-me-about-yourself-award.html

  2. I am a lawyer turned stayed at home mom too! I just found your blog! Love your vacation pics and looking for somewhere to go with our 4 yr and 18 mo kids. Where are you?

  3. @8:18- We are in the Cayman Islands. We stay at the Westin, which is right on 7 Mile Beach. The beach is BEAUTIFUL. Sadly, back to reality tomorrow. :(


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