Thursday, October 13, 2011

Un-wined of the Week - Catching Up

It has been a while since I've done an un-wined of the week.  Fear not - it's not because of a lack of alcohol consumption.  It's more because I've been traveling and things are busy and there are other things I want to write about.  Plus, I like to add a bit of a story behind an evening of wine drinking, and lately the story has been:  It's Wednesday and I am watching X-Factor and eating popcorn.  And that's kind of boring.

But last night departed from the mundane.

One of the things I love about the DC area is that it is so transient.  People are always moving in and out.  It obviously sucks when friends leave, but it also means that there is the potential for friends to come.  And lo and behold, a few weeks ago, one came.  And I am so happy about it!

Kristen and I went to college together, and were in the same (ahem, I'm going to say it) sorority. She was a year younger than me, so we weren't in the same core circle of friends.  But you know how there are those people that you may not be that close to, but that you just LOVE?  In that, you know if you had the opportunity, you would be great friends, no problem?  She was one of those. Love her.

Over the years, we stayed in touch over Facebook.  A few months ago she posted a status update that she and her family were relocating to DC, and did anyone have any tips?  I was so excited and emailed her immediately. I gave her advice on neighborhoods, trying not to be too biased in my statement that suburban Maryland was THE place to be.

As it turns out, she did indeed end up in suburban Maryland, just a ten minute drive from me.  She stays at home, and has a two year old son.   Last night they came over for a late afternoon playdate and dinner.  And if there was any question that I loved this girl, it was answered immediately when she showed up with an already opened bottle of wine, because she thought we might like a glass with dinner.  Um, yes!  She brought:

Rio Seco
Pinot Noir 2010

I googled it, and it looks like it retails for around $10.00.  Not bad, given that it was a pretty decent wine!  It was very earthy, smooth, and went wonderfully with Velveeta Shells & Cheese.  No teeth staining at all.

Overall rating - 8/10.

I will say though, perhaps my review is colored by what a fabulous night we had.  Our boys played together, watched Gabba together, and jumped on beds together.  Cous only harassed our new guests for the first hour.  And Kristen and I caught up like no time had gone by.

Here's to old friends.  Friendships rekindled.  And a new staple in my everyday stay at home life. Yay for relocations to DC!

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