Monday, October 17, 2011

Four Years of Disney

Don't hate me because I'm in Disney World.

Yes, I am here - on a five day mini-vacation with the husband, the kids, and a set of grandparents.   And though a trip to Disney World is far from relaxing, we are having a blast.  So this week's posts will likely be heavy on pictures and light on words.

Walking around Magic Kingdom yesterday, I couldn't help but reflect on all of my trips here over the years.  I have vague memories of coming here as a five year old and riding "It's a Small World" over and over again.  I have sharper memories of coming here as an 8 year old, dressed in a princess dress, and galavanting around Fantasy Land.  I distinctly remember coming here as a teenager with high school friends and thinking I was too cool for Fantasy Land.  I clearly remember coming here while in college and skipping Fantasy Land altogether and instead doing an "Around the World" bar crawl in the EPCOT world showcase.

And then I remember coming here as an adult.  I've been here numerous more times over the years, but three times over the past four years specifically.  And the pictures tell the story:

September 2007

September 2009

October 2011
Who knows what our next Disney trip will bring?

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