Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pic of the Week - Young Love

The whole boy vs. girl distinction is still lost on Braden sometimes.  He knows he's a boy, that Daddy's a boy, and that Mommy's a girl, but that is where it ends.  Casey is at times a girl.  His teachers are girls or boys, depending on the day.  And with friends it is also a mixed bag.

Despite his gender confusion, he seems to innately treat girls differently.  He is much more affectionate with girls, and he'll even come home and talk about how girls from school are "pretty."  Last year, he developed a particular affection for a girl in his class, and would consistently try to hug her.  Apparently, the girl got annoyed and started pushing Braden away, making him cry.  (Bitch.)

This past weekend, Braden's cousin, who is a year younger than him, came into town to celebrate Casey's birthday.  Braden has always been a bit enthralled with her, but he is usually shy and keeps his distance.  This trip, he took it to the next level:

Look at this!  He insisted on putting his arm around her waist as they strolled the halls with their stroller.  Melts my heart.

I decided I would wait a few years to break the news to him that it is illegal for him to marry her.  At least in most states.

For now, I'll let the young love flourish.

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