Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Honor of Best Friends

July 5th is a special day.

Because this girl was born today:

March 2012
That girl on the left is Dana, my best friend.

Dana and I met in seventh grade science class, with Mr. Ross.  I can't remember exactly how it happened, but we became fast friends.  And then best friends.  We had a "notebook" and even one of those BFF friendship necklaces.  (You remember those right, with the two halves that each person wears?  Oh junior high, how I don't miss thee.).

Circa 1992.  Oh dear. 
We had sleepovers.  We went on each other's family vacations.  We grew out of our awkward stage (thank God).  We tried alcohol for the first time (do you remember Zima?  With jolly ranchers?).  We had crushes and first loves and first heartbreaks.  I went with her to the front step of a girl's house to confront her for hooking up with Dana's boyfriend.  We made each other mix tapes.  We double dated for prom.  We stuck together all through high school.

Circa 1995.
When we both went off to college (Dana to Ohio State, and me to Penn State), I wasn't really sure what would happen with our friendship.  But through four years of college, new boyfriends, new friends, college transfers, and studies abroad, we still were very much a part of each other's lives through holidays at home, visits to each other, and daily (yes, daily) phone calls.

We stayed close through my two year stint in London.  Through graduate school.  Through law school.  Through more loves and more breakups and moves and career choices.

I was the maid of honor in her wedding.  And she was the matron of honor in mine.



Despite being a plane ride away, we've made yearly visits to see each other, and each other's children.

And now?  Those daily phone calls we once had have turned into multi-day phone calls.  Much to my husband's amazement ("How on earth do you two still have things to talk about?"), we usually talk on the phone 2-3 times a day.  When we're bored, when we're stressed, when we're driving, when we just want to vent.  When you talk to someone that often you never have to play catch up with your life.  And that's so refreshing.

Dana has rescued me many a time.  She has been there for me to cry to.  To seek advice from. To laugh with.  To talk about the deep stuff that everyday conversation doesn't allow.  When something good, bad, funny, or even mundane happens, Dana will know about it.  In many ways, she knows me better than anyone.  And she has become far more than a best friend.  She is family, no doubt about it.

This year, like pretty much every year, Dana's birthday card still sits on my counter, yet to be stamped.  (I don't know why I can't get it together to send it three days prior to the day).  So in lieu of that card (which will be on its way, I promise), let this be your "on time" birthday greeting, Dana.

I love you.  Happy birthday.  Call you soon.  :)


  1. Beautiful way to celebrate a friendship.

  2. There is nothing at all like a BFF. I love this.

  3. this is awesome! what a wonderful post.

  4. That is so amazing to have a friend like that from childhood. My best friend is also from childhod - since we were about 5 years old! She married my husband's best friend and now we seriously feel like sisters.

  5. Awww... You guys have a really wonderful friendship. I think it is such a beautiful bond. You are like sisters in spirit. It's sweet.

  6. This totally made me tear up. My best friend's birthday is also on July 5th (he happens to be my hubby). Still, my best law school friend is all I thought about reading this. So sweet!


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