Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Whole Lotta Holiday Card

Oh, the holiday card.  The way to spread holiday cheer, while at the same time saying "look how cute my kids are, surely they are cuter than yours."  Or, if you're not quite there, "look at my dog, doesn't he look funny when he wears an elf hat."  Or perhaps even, "we got married this year, look how stunning I look in my wedding gown, I lost 15 pounds to fit that thing on my body."

It's enough to make you sick.  Or get totally excited to check the mail to see what holiday cards have come.  Or get totally swept up in the phenomenon yourself.

Yes, I in fact have done all of the aforementioned holiday cards.  Shall we take a tour?

Our holiday card soiree premiered in 2006, with the "Hey, I got married this year, look at me, photo":

Now this picture just depresses me.  How on earth did I fit in this dress?  Oh, pre-pregnancy body, how I miss thee.

Then we stopped being so self indulgent, and moved on to the pet obnoxiousness in 2007: 

She is totally loving this. 
 By 2008, we were ready to embrace the baby bragging photo: 

Braden: "What the hell is up with this photo session? Please let me sleep.  And then eat some more."
CousCous: "What the hell, shouldn't I be featured on this card solo?" 

And again in 2009:

Braden: "Okay, I am liking this photo session thing."
Couscous: "Now I am getting pissed." 
In 2010, we gave up center stage for Casey, in a holiday card that doubled as a birth announcement.  

Braden: "I don't really care if I'm in a photo because I refuse to sit still for a photo session anyway."
Casey: "I am a serene, angel baby who will not hit or kick you."
Couscous: "WTF"

And this year?  Well, this year I upped the anty.  I abandoned the two dimensional post card style holiday card for one that folds.  Yes, there are multiple sides and dimensions to my holiday card this year!  You can open it.  You can stand it up.  You can flip pages and peruse and view multiple examples of just how adorable my kids are.  You can hardly stand it!

The front page of the card features this: 

We are looking good given that this is over Thanksgiving and we had all been puking our brains out the day before. 

Then, you open up the card of wonder and see the best picture of all:  

Ahhh, makes my heart melt.  Maybe this will appear on their wedding slide show someday.  

And then, in the back of the card, if you remember to look there, you will see this: 

Couscous: "I have accepted my relegated status in this family.  At least I get a solo picture, even if it is on the back of the friggin card."

Consider yourself SERVED (by my holiday card, that is).  And happy holidays!


  1. You're one year and one kid behind us :) Unfortunately... The dog got booted this year (after gracing a solo photo of himself on the back of last year's holiday card). Poor guy. Don't get me wrong! We love our little shiatsu... But it is really hard trying to get my husband and myself and my 8-year-old, 5-year-old and nearly 2-year-old to all smile at the same time ... and then ALSO get the dog to look at the camera. Sorry buddy... (said to my dog as he is currently giving me the same "puppy eyes" that your dog has above as I type this!)

  2. This is my first year doing cards and I had high, high ambitions for them. And thus almost gave myself a nervous breakdown hauling the SLR all over and wrestling with the tripod and screaming at James to angle his foot two millimeters to the LEFT THE OTHER LEFT. Ah, Christmas memories!

    I love every single one of your pictures but the one of Casey literally made me gasp. How did you do that?

  3. @ Cath- it wasn't me! We had a professional take infant photos. But I know, such an amazing picture.


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