Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pic of the Week - A Road in Santorini

This blog has definitely consumed me more than I ever anticipated it would - in a good way.  At first I thought I would post once a week, then twice a week....  Now my goal is to post every day (I make no promises, this is just a goal).

I am just not smart, creative, or witty enough to come up with long posts everyday.  I mean, I could probably write a long essay right now about how I spent all morning cleaning the house and debating whether or not I should eat a french toast stick, but do you really want to hear that?  Probably not.

So I came up with the idea to post a picture each week.  I love taking photos, and I do it way too much (hence the 394 pictures that are due to be delivered from snapfish today).  I make no claim to being good at photography, but I enjoy it, and hey, it gives me something to post once a week.

Some pictures will be current, some not.  A handful will probably be of my former travels.  I was once quite the globetrotter, and it makes me happy to reflect on my carefree days and remember the world that is still out there.     Today's picture is from one of my favorite places: Santorini, Greece.  This is the typical "road" in Santorini (and that's my husband peeking into the photo!).


  1. Aaaaah, beautiful. I love Santorini.

  2. I know this was not at all the point of your post, but I haven't had french toast sticks since the college cafeteria and now I need to find some! :) Lovely photo!


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