Monday, June 20, 2011

Losing It

I have always had my shit together.  That's just who I am - responsible, always on time (despite what my husband may think), never miss a deadline, etc.  I guess that's why I was always successful in a professional environment.

But since being home, I fear I may be losing it.  The following have occurred in the last three weeks:

1) I completely spaced and forgot to go to a dermatologist appointment.  This was one of those "annual checks" that has a six month wait list.  I realized it that afternoon and wasn't quite sure what to do.  I half considered switching dermatologists because I was so ashamed and humiliated and didn't want to face the receptionist.  I ended up calling and apologizing profusely, and was rescheduled for October.

2) When I picked Braden up from school a few weeks ago, I completely forgot to buckle him in his carseat.  Yeah, I know, this is a bad one.  I always have Casey with me when I pick Braden up, so after putting Casey in the car, and putting the stroller in the trunk, I just got in the driver's seat and started driving.  A few blocks later Braden started saying something I couldn't understand, and I looked back and realized he was standing on the floor of the backseat.  I immediately pulled over and put him back in.  I was horrified; he was elated.

3) Last week my husband went to leave to take Braden to school and on his way out yelled my name.  I was quite annoyed, as I was back in bed for my mid-morning slumber (during Casey's morning nap).  I had gone to Whole Foods the night before, and apparently I had left my keys in the front door.  All night long!  Now, we do live in a suburban neighborhood, but we are also pretty close to downtown DC.  There are routine car thefts in the area, and even the occasional break in.  We have an alarm system that we turn on every night.  So leaving keys hanging out of our front door is not something we make a habit of.

4) Assuming the weather cooperates, I take a walk with Braden and Casey every night after dinner.  Last Thursday, I made Braden fish sticks and apparently forgot to turn off the oven.  I realized it when we got back from the walk and it felt hot in the kitchen.  (*Disclaimer - I have actually done this numerous times in my life*).

5) This one takes the cake.  After putting Braden to bed last night, I was chatting on the phone with my best friend.  Braden kept calling my name, so I put the phone down to go check on him (he was fine).  I came back to get the phone off of the coffee table, and instead of picking up the phone and putting it to my ear, I picked up my glass of water and poured it all over myself.  No joke.

I don't know.  Is this just what happens to moms?  Maybe I need a vacation?  Or a pizza?  (I am so over this diet.)

In any event, next week I'll be getting both.  We are headed to my favorite place in the world, Wellfleet, MA, on Cape Cod.  We go every summer.  We even got married there.  And, they happen to have my favorite pizza on the planet, at an unassuming hole in the wall restaurant on Route 6 called Rookies.  My diet is officially on hold for vacation.  Otherwise it's not a vacation.

Here's hoping I can just get through one more week...


  1. That's a good reason why I couldn't stay home full time -- I'd accidentally burn the house down or lose a kid or something. I'm a lot less dangerous in a courtroom (although possibly no more competent).

  2. Hi ~

    I am so lame, I can't seem to find your name on here, and feel funny not addressing you by your name!

    I got your comment today, and wanted to thank you so very much for your kind words, offer of help, and restaurant suggestions.

    I read this post, and it left me wanting more. I continued on to read a few more (including the one you were going to name penises), and think you are hilarious!!

    In such a short period of time, I got very protective of you from those mean, nasty people. Who needs that?? I just love people who have nothing better to do, than spit venom, as they are hiding their sorry selves behind a computer screen!!

    I find good blogs are often times few and far between, but do believe I will be reading yours from front to back :o)

    I love your sense of humor. Life is too short, and much too serious to not be funny, have fun, and...I don't know what else :o)

    I would love to hear about your favorite restaurants!

    Your kids are adorable, and I love your dog's name!

    I hope you have a great vacation too.

    Thank you for reading almost the whole crazy story!


    Jen Hodder

  3. I feel like becoming a mom has given me early-onset Alzheimer's. You're not alone.


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