Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best Of

As we leave 2013 behind, my friend and fellow blogger Darcy had the great idea to come up with a "Best of 2013" list.  She got several bloggers on board, and we are all linking to each other (so go to Darcy's blog to see her list, and she'll link to another blogger, etc.).  This normally isn't my kind of thing, so at first I was a little nervous, but as I drafted the list, I realized it was almost therapeutic. It brought back memories and really made me reflect on the year that was - so thank you, Darcy!

Without further adieu...

Best book - It is shameful how little I read in 2013.  The problem is I discovered Netflix (see below). However, I was lucky enough to read one of the best books I've read in a long time  - Monkey Mind - A Memoir of Anxiety.  If you've ever had any bout of anxiety (or even if you haven't), you will love this book.  It examines anxiety in a humorous way, while at the same time imparting the seriousness of the condition.  It is brave and honest.  I laughed out loud multiple times, and in some ways, it made me understand myself a little bit more.  I highly recommend it!

Best TV series - It is shameful how much I watched on Netflix/HBOGo, etc. in 2013.  Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Homeland, the Wire, and House of Cards, among others.  Yes, I watched every single episode of ALL of them!  They were all great, but Breaking Bad is by far the best show that has ever been on television.  If you haven't seen it, I'm jealous.  There's nothing like experiencing it the first time around.

Best vacation - In 2013 we traveled to Cincinnati, Disney World, Cape Cod, and Washington, VA. They were all great, but first prize goes to Washington, VA - the home of the Inn at Little Washington - a destination in and of itself.  We took our time getting there, stopping at Virginia wineries on the way (not the best wine, but hey, it's wine, who cares?) and cozying up at a B&B before going to the Inn for dinner.  It was only one night, and it was snowing and cold, but it was heaven.  We hope to go back in 2014.

Best meal - My pregnancy interfered a bit with my foodie tendencies, so unsurprisingly my best meals were enjoyed before and after.  It's a toss up between The Inn at Little Washington (see above - in February) and Minibar (in December).  Both of these meals were ridiculously overpriced, but to me, it was worth it.  Wine flights and multiple courses (over 20 at Minibar!) - sign me up!

Best movie - I don't get out to the movies much these days.  But I did thoroughly enjoy This is the End this past summer, so much so that I devoted an entire blog post to it.  It was weird.  And stupid.  But I laughed out loud in a theater by myself, so that says something.

Best dayNovember 13, 2013.  Duh!  I got to meet this guy:

Second best day - October 5, 2013 - my sister's wedding.  Beautiful!

Best girl's night out - December 12, 2013.  Some of my friends took me out to Rosa Mexicano to celebrate my 35th birthday, the arrival of Colin, and the termination of my nine month sobriety.  It was a fabulous night, with some fabulous women - including fellow bloggers Valerie and Darcy, a good friend from high school, a good friend from college, and three of my best friends from DC.  Worlds collided, and it was awesome.  How could it not be when there is tequila involved? (You can even see a picture of me getting a shot disguised as a cake on Darcy's blog - scroll to the bottom).

Best kids excursion - To the National Zoo, in August.  I actually usually hate the zoo, but it was raining that day - who knew the best time to visit the zoo is in the rain?  It was empty, and for the first time, I felt like I could handle my two kids in a public place without yelling or running or losing my shit.  It was a good day.

Best Blog Post on My Blog - My favorite ones are never the most popular ones, but I think my best of the year is this one:  I'm in Love with a Boy.  The most popular one this year, by far, is this one:  Why are Lawyers so Miserable?

Best Blog Post on Any Blog- Kelle Hampton's birth story on the arrival of her son on her blog, Enjoying the Small Things, had me in tears.  (And if that one makes you cry, check out the birth story of Nella, her daughter born with down syndrome - have tissues ready).

Best Beauty Product - Ummmmmmmmmmmm.  This one is a joke, people.  I am lucky to get a shower every other day, let alone wear make up or use anything to preserve my aging skin.  I do use Pantene, by the way.  High quality stuff.

Now mosey on over to Darcy's blog, No Monsters in my Bed, to see her Best Of list!

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