Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breaking Bad Break

I tend to write blog posts in my head before I ever put them on paper.  Do other bloggers do this? Something will strike me in the car, or the shower, or just throughout the day, and I'll come up with a post in my head.  Occasionally I'll do this and later forget the idea, which is completely infuriating, so I have actually taken to writing ideas down.

All this to say that I have about ten posts with just the title drafted, with a few notes and ideas, but I'm not writing any of them today.  I can't - I just don't have the time.

I am totally obsessed with Breaking Bad.  

I tend to have an obsessive personality to begin with.  Once I get into a good book I stay up too late, block out the rest of my world, and finish it in record time.  I can get stuck in a worm hole researching a given topic on the internet.  I have a working knowledge of every house for sale in Montgomery County right now, notwithstanding the fact that we aren't house hunting, because it's just something I've decided to do.  

And now, Breaking Bad has taken over my life.  Every other day to day activity is just time spent between episodes.  I fall asleep thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it, and I arrange my day so I can get 15 minutes or so here and there.  

Why, Netflix, why?  

It's a sad existence.  But I can't stop.  It's just that good.  

I started Season 4 this morning, and it is amazing, but I need it to be over soon.  I need my life back.  I need to be able to write blog posts and fold laundry and watch all of the Real Housewives episodes on my DVR that I still haven't watched (now you know it's gotten bad).  

Is anyone else as obsessed with this show as me?

Do I dare move on to Homeland next?

Hopefully by next week I'll be my normal self again.  

Until then...


  1. Suits. You need to go to Suits next.

  2. Yes! I have written so many things in my head. I use the Evernote ipad app to try and organize my ideas. I like it because you can either write things down or make a voice memo when you're driving. It's helpful!

    Don't start Homeland unless you love eventually being disappointed by things that you think are awesome at first.

  3. LOVE Suits! I second that one. I could NOT get into Breaking Bad. I quit as soon as that dead body fell through the bathtub and floor covered in acidic substance. Gross. Super gross!


  5. First time responder here, compelled to write because of the importance of the topic. There are few things in life beyond my family that bring me greater joy than finding a good book worthy of obsession. Since having 2 kids in the last 3 years, however, my general lack of time and, yes, mental capacity have necessitated a shift towards television, a whole world that had been left virtually unexplored during my years playing an attorney at a big law firm. With my first pregnancy, I ended up beginning my maternity leave almost 10 days before I actually had my daughter. Rather than getting outside for some exercise, I decided to start streaming Lost onto my laptop. I spent the vast majority of the next week glued to my computer. When my water broke, and we were packing to go to the hospital, I grabbed my laptop for continued viewing – but ended up leaving it behind after my husband asked “seriously?!” with a concerned look on his face. (Given that my daughter was not born for another 20 hours, it was a decision I grew to regret.) In the first couple months after her birth, I handed her off to my husband with some amount of regularity to “go pump” – and catch another half episode at the same time. After my son was born, the obsession was taken to a whole new level with The Wire. My husband and I blew through the fist couple seasons in under a month, spending many hours glued to the tv when we should have been long asleep. AMAZING. After taking a breather after the conclusion, we moved on to Breaking Bad. We love it (though my obsession level is definitely lower than it was with The Wire). We are mid-way through season 3. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Netflix DVD tomorrow – this is what Saturday night looks like in our household these days. Happy viewing to us all!

  6. OMG, my husband and I became totally obsessed with BB until we caught up to the current time!! I was the person who commented that you should watch it and that it was awesome (though of course I don't presume that's why you ultimately did watch it ha). Anyway, we HAVE moved on to Homeland!!!!! It's not as awesome as BB but it is really, really good. So good that we had to get Showtime so we could get caught up to the present! I never watched tv in college, etc., but it is the one thing I do pretty much every night after my three little ladies are asleep! --CR

  7. PS--I have heard from friends who also love BB that The Wire is also amazing...

  8. I write everything in my head while showering! I'm into Homeland these days.

  9. An update - I finished the series and am so upset it's over. IT WAS AMAZING! Now I feel such a loss that I am relegated to mediocre television once again. I am starting Homeland next... and then the Wire. But can it possibly be as good as Breaking Bad? I just can't imagine it will!

  10. I have to say again...HOMELAND IS SO GOOOD!!!!!!! Sorry, I have no where else to attack people with my obsession :)

  11. well there are 6 more episodes of BB that haven't been released yet . . .


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