Thursday, August 4, 2011

Un-wined of the Week - Some Local Flavor

Long Island isn't just strip malls and diners.  There are actually some vineyards here.  And an unassuming beach community called the Hamptons. 

Since I am in Long Island for a couple of days, I figured I would sample some of the local wine.  Today's wine of the week is:

Duck Walk Vineyards Merlot

This particular wine is bottled in the North Fork of Long Island, which is just north of the Hamptons (which is the southern part of the "fork").  (To see the website of the actual vineyard, click here).  I've actually driven through here before after taking the ferry from Connecticut, and I have to say, it is really beautiful.  My husband and I have even commented before that we should take a trip sometime to go vineyard hopping in this area. 

If we ever do this, I will probably visit this vineyard for the beauty, not for the wine.  The Merlot I sampled was just so-so.  It didn't even really taste like a Merlot, more like a Zinfandel gone wrong.  It was acidic and had a sour aftertaste, and was teethstaining.  That being said, it was drinkable, just not completely enjoyable.  At the price of $9.99 a bottle, if I ever make it to the North Fork again, I'd be willing to give good old Duckwalk Vineyards another chance. 

Overall rating - 4/10

Speaking of the Hamptons, I'll be heading out there tomorrow to hang poolside at my brother-in-law's summer home.  Real Housewives style.  So I may not have time to write tomorrow.  I hope this doesn't ruin everyone's weekend.  (Ha!)

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