Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Sky is Falling!

My kids and I missed the great DC earthquake.  And no, we did not feel it down here in North Carolina.

Oh, the drama of it all!  We came back from the pool, and my step-father met us at the door.

"Did you feel it?"

"Um no.  Feel what?"

"The earthquake.  [Your husband] called.  He's okay."

I tried calling my husband at work, but all circuits were busy, of course.  In the meantime, I turned on the TV, where there was non-stop coverage of the "Quake of 2011."  It only took a couple of minutes to decipher that this meant no casualties and minimal damage.  When I finally did get through to my husband, he was a bit shaken up.  He told me he had hid under his desk during the 30 seconds of shaking.

I'm sorry, but that just cracks me up.

I'm not sure why, and I am sure if I was in town I wouldn't find it so funny.  But I really couldn't stop laughing.  The vision of it, it's just too much.

His firm sent out an email that employees could leave and work from home if they wished.  I guess a fear of aftershocks or something.  My husband said that most of the support staff left, but the attorneys stayed.  Isn't this just so big law firm of them?  Kind of like:

"No natural disaster will keep me from servicing my clients.  Nothing shall stop me!   Nothing!  And hey, you junior associate - you better not leave either. "

I have to say, I'm a bit sorry we missed all of the excitement.  Braden would have loved it.  I'm not surprised though.  I have a history of natural disaster and terrorism avoidance.  For example:

- For 9/11/2001, I was in London.
- For Hurricane Katrina, I was in Australia.
- For the London subway bombings in 2005, I had just returned to Philadelphia.
- For the New York Times Square bomb threat in 2010, just outside my former office, I was watching afar from DC.
- And now, for the great DC Quake of 2011, I was down south.

Just stick with me.  

Author's note - my twitter account was hacked last week.  How?  Why?  I don't know.  But I have used it as an excuse to start tweeting again.  I have also started following several Real Housewives which provides endless entertainment.  Jill Zarin posts like every five minutes.  Anywho, if you want to follow yours truly, just click here.

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  1. Wilmington did indeed experience an earthquake. You had to be inside to feel it. My wife, who was probably at the pool, did not feel it. I did, being that I work in a law firm.

    Our entire office shook.


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