Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rundown

Want to know why I'm in such a good mood today?

1) It's Friday.
2) It's sunny.
3) I'm not at work.
4) Slight hangover this morning was well worth the extra glass of wine I had last night meeting up with an old friend.
5) I was able to stay in bed for an extra half hour this morning with slight hangover, since Braden agreed to watch Yo Gabba Gabba in my bed instead of the living room.
6) It was one of my favorite Yo Gabba Gabba episodes ("Eat," with guest star Elijah Wood).
7) Braden kissed Casey on the head this morning, and actually looked at him once.
8) Casey took an hour and a half morning nap, allowing me to return to bed and watch last night's Real Housewives of New York episode, which was excellent.  Just excellent.
9) Casey is the best baby ever.
10) I had 3 leftover empanadas at 10:30am this morning, made from scratch by my neighbor.
11) I am having a night out with the girls tonight for my friend's birthday. 
12) As of today, I have made $18.14 cents off of this blog - enough to get at least two margaritas for night out with the girls.
13) My sister and her boyfriend are coming in from New York to visit, and will be arriving just in time to drive me home from night out with the girls.
14) My husband has been home early (aka, before 7pm) every night this week.  Thank you to my husband's law firm!
15) We are officially using part of my husband's "spring bonus" money to redo our patio.  Thank you to my husband's law firm!
16) We purchased tickets to the Beer, Bourbon and Barbecue Festival, coming to DC on June 17.  Oh yeah.
17) We're going to the pool tomorrow (the fact that I am horrified at myself in a bathing suit does not negate the fact that I am elated that it is finally pool weather).
18) My best friend from London will be staying with me all next week, and he doesn't even care that he has to hang out with a bunch of kids and structure his day around nap times.
19) Both kids are currently napping.
20) When they wake up, I'll get to hang out with two adorable, amazing, hysterical, smart, precious boys all afternoon.

That's why.  

Happy weekend, everyone!


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