Friday, May 1, 2015

Everyday in May

My blog writing has slacked lately.

And since I write so infrequently, and I'm out of practice, it takes me forever to write each post.  I used to post everyday (except weekends).  Remember that?

I was thinking about this when I came up with the little catch phrase "Every Day in May."  Should I challenge myself to post every day in May?  (Except weekends.  I mean, come on).

It is perfect timing, of course.  Because I just started teaching another online course, we have tons of end of school activities, countless baseball/soccer practices and games, two weekends away, a sick need to go to the gym as much as possible, and that minor job of attending to three needy endearing young boys on a daily basis.

But I'm always up for a challenge.  And I need to get writing more.  I've been lazy, and my mastery of the craft is slipping.  So here ye, here ye, I shall post every day in May.  (Except weekends.  And public holidays, while we're at it). *

In that vein, help me out.  Guest posts, articles, etc.  Send them my way.

And to kick off May, this cracked me up to a weird extent this morning.

* Note:  If I decide not to post on a weekday in May, I reserve the right to delete this post so that my lack of commitment to follow through is not documented for all to see.


  1. I would contribute a guest post on postpartum depression. I know, I know...not the most entertaining, but very important and something that's been on my mind a lot recently.

  2. I'm sure you won't do it but if you're looking for ideas -- how about a post on your professional satisfaction now that you've been out of the law for 3-4 years. I don't mean about your family, but how do you feel being at home and teaching online, blogging, etc. while I imagine your peers/friends/former colleagues are probably partners now or in-house or gov't. Do you ever miss law, or now that you're away do you find that you didn't "like" the subject matter enough to miss it? It would be interesting to hear the perspective not of someone who just left (bc sometimes all you hear is exhaustion and relief) but of someone who has been away for close to a half decade.

  3. quality, not quantity! don't sweat trying to do this everyday. your posts are great, and feel as if you've spent time making them just right. thanks for sharing with us. i'm still laughing about the "asshole" behavior of your older boys. I've got two of my own and have seen it all! many times!


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