Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sugar Fail

I hate failing tests.  Especially when they involve gross sugary drinks and needles and blood draws.

I heard the news this morning.  I FAILED the most annoying test in the course of a pregnancy - the one hour glucose tolerance test.  And what reward do I get for FAILING this test?  Yet another test!  Three hours long!  (Plain english translation - there's a small possibility that I have gestational diabetes - further testing is required).

First, lets go over the joys of test #1 (which I FAILED).  At around 26 weeks, we pregnant ladies get to chug a ridiculously disgusting sugary drink, that sits like a pit in the bottom of our stomachs. Then we get to wait, exactly one hour, in a gross and overcrowded medical lab, and get blood taken.  Then, some of us, I don't know, like myself, reward ourselves afterwards with a cheeseburger and fries.  (I was craving salt).  Approximately 80% of us will pass this test and never look back.

That means 20% of us aren't so lucky.

I have done this test twice before, one with each previous pregnancy, and passed.  I assumed this time would be no different.  In fact, yesterday, as I was chugging down my sugary drink, I took solace in one thing, which I confirmed with my OB:  So assuming this test goes well, is this the last time I have to get blood drawn during this pregnancy?  

Why yes it is!  he told me.

Why, oh why did I ask that question?  I jinxed myself right there.

The nurse called this morning.  I saw the hospital number on the caller ID and I just KNEW it wasn't good news.  Your sugar is a little high, she said.  We'll need to see you back tomorrow for the three hour test.  

I nearly cried.

This is what my morning will look like tomorrow.

6am - Wake up (and don't eat anything, as I can't ingest anything 8 hours prior to the test).
7am- Arrive at gross, overcrowded hospital lab and hope that registration only takes 15 minutes.
7:15am - Blood draw #1
7:20am - Chug sugary drink #1
8:20am - Blood draw #2
8:25 am - Chug sugary drink #2
9:25am - Blood draw #3
9:30am - Chug sugary drink #3
10:30am - Blood draw #4
10:45am - 8pm - Chase after my two kids, while feeling nauseated and full and lethargic.

That's THREE GROSS DRINKS and FOUR BLOOD DRAWS by the way, after already having had one yesterday.  My poor, poor veins.

It's funny, in all the anger and dread over having to take this horrific test, I haven't even really considered the fact that I may in fact actually HAVE gestational diabetes.  Call it ignorance or denial, but I just can't even fathom that that would happen.  But God forbid it did.  Because giving up alcohol and caffeine is hard enough.  Giving up jelly beans and cookie cake and chocolate for the rest of the pregnancy????

No.  Just no.

Please send good thoughts.


  1. I feel for you, but why do you go to a lab? My ob did it right at their office for both my pregnancies, much more comfy than an overcrowded lab. And can you leave your kids with a sitter? Then take your kindle with you and sit and read peacefully between gross drinks and draws. Good luck!

    1. Unfortunately, the practice I go to is IN the hospital, so they always use the hospital lab (which I hate). But yes, I plan to bring my kindle to make the most of it (and hubby will have the kiddos). Thanks for the good wishes!

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry. I got to eat jellybeans for my glucose tests instead of drinking the sugary drinks. But since you're in a hospital you probably don't have that option. Hope it all goes well tomorrow.

  3. I failed with my first two (no diabetes) and will probably fail with this pregnancy too- it is awful. Last time I brought a portable dvd player and watched a movie while waiting bc I feel to sick to read- definitely helped time pass. good luck

  4. OMG! That really sucks! I felt like I couldn't focus on any of that stuff, I'd show up one day, and they'd be like "The next time you're gonna have this test, and you could have reduced your chances of a bad outcome by X, Y, and Z." Of course, I either wouldn't have done those things, or I would have thought I was doing the better thing (i.e. just eat yogurt instead of taking a probiotic, eat oranges instead of taking vit c, etc) and then I'd spend the next two weeks freaking the bleep out.

    I hope that it goes well for you!!

  5. Update - I passed! I celebrated with some Smarties.


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