Friday, March 15, 2013

Reaching Out

I'm reaching out today.    

A few things:  

1) I finally bit the bullet and made a Facebook page for my blog.  I still am not entirely sure how it works (I can't seem to "like" anybody or "friend" anybody myself, but maybe I just can't. I'll get the hang of it eventually).  But if you want to "like" my page, there's a link on the top right sidebar, or you can click here.  

2) Hey remember, my Your Turn series (see the top right header above)?  Basically, it's a series of posts where readers share their stories of parenthood, work, the struggle for a balance, or just life generally (yes, I did cut and paste that from a previous post, if it sounds familiar).  It's been ages since I've had a guest poster - anyone up for it?  I love hearing other people's stories and sharing them on the blog.  

3) This one is the real "reach out."  One of my colleagues at Montage Legal Group told me about a program they have out in California called Mommy Esquire.  It's a group of lawyers, who also happen to be moms, who meet regularly to discuss "a variety of issues facing lawyers with children, including career choices, work-life balance and raising children."  

There are a lot of us mom lawyers in DC (whether we work out of the house or stay at home), and I thought it might be fun to do our own version of "Mommy Esquire" here.   So how about a DC area lawyer mom happy hour meet up?

If you are interested, please send me an email (, and also do one of the following: 1) include a link to your business profile, 2) include a link to your LinkedIn account, or 3) like my page on Facebook. (I just need to make sure you are real and not some crazy internet stalker).  Also, if your firm or business is interested in sponsoring the event, let me know, and I can advertise it on here.  

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Can you include me? Do I have to email you since you, um, know me?

    1. Of course! And no, you don't need to email me. I have confirmation that you are real and normal (relatively - ha!).


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