Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I really was a complete novice when I started this whole blogging thing.  SEO, sponsors, Babble Top 100 lists, Twitter - I didn't really get it (and I kind of still don't).

My blogging was more of a hobby - an outlet of sorts.  A way to connect.

But I wasn't a real blogger.  Not like Amalah and Kelle Hampton and Redneck Mommy and all those "famous," professional, bloggers I read.  And let's be honest - I'm still not there at all.  Far from it.

But today, I do feel a bit more legitimate.

Check me out - I made the Find Law Greedy Associates:  Top 5 Lawyer Mom Blogs And that's kind of cool!

Thank you so much, Find Law blog editors, powers that be!  You've made my day.  Perhaps I shall celebrate later tonight with a margarita.

Yes, that sounds quite nice.


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