Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day Is...

Sleeping in until 9:15 am.

9:15 am!!!!!

Awakening to this face:

And this face:

Eating 1300 calorie Fajita Nachos from Don Pablos for lunch.  (My choice for venue - I'm high class, you see).  

Buying flowers.

Planting flowers.

Laughing at my husband as he pretends to have a green thumb.


Not working.

Not watching my husband work.

Going to the pool.

And getting wet.

Eating outside.

With a Corona. On a Sunday.

Hugging my kids as we struggle to get one good picture.

And then kissing them both goodnight.

Talking to my mom and stepmom and best friend.

Talking to my husband.

Breathing in and out.

And going to sleep.  Without stress or sleep aids.

It was a good day.

A really good day.

It just so happened to be Mother's Day.

But the beauty of life is that it didn't have to be.

Happiness is there for me every day if I want it.

It's just up to me to embrace it.


  1. Happy mother's day.

    {Now I'm craving nachos}

  2. Glad your mothers day was a good one! How could it not be with those two faces!

  3. Congrats on getting one good picture! That's hard with 2 squirmy ones. Glad you had a good day that just happened to be mother's day!


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