Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There's nothing better than an unexpected good mood when you have been stuck in a funk.

Nothing monumental has occurred, I just woke up today feeling happy.

For one, here is a screen shot of the weather forecast:

Goodbye, seasonal affective disorder happy light.  I won't be needing you for a while.

Second, I have a night out tonight with an awesome friend.  And we are actually doing something other than getting dinner and drinks (not that I'm knocking that at all).  Instead, we'll be going to Lunafest, "a traveling film festival of award-winning short films by, for, about women."  Yay for something different.  And if it sucks, we'll just get dinner and drinks.

And there are so many other things.

I'm having another lunch tomorrow with some incredibly talented women.

I am working again (at least, for the short term), and I'm actually liking it and basking in the distraction.

One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend, and it has been so long since we've spent any time time together without boyfriends or husbands or kids or any other distractions.  Lauren, I can't wait to see you.

Scotland is just around the corner.

I am getting more and more excited about Braden getting into this other preschool.  I found out this week that the daughter of one of my closest friends also got in, meaning they could very well be in the same class.  It's fate.  I haven't made a decision yet, but I think I'm going to go for it.  And I feel confident about it.

Through this blog, one of my long lost friends from London, who I had completely lost touch with, has found me.  And she lives 20 minutes from me.  We're getting together in a few weeks.  How awesome is that.

I am embracing my stress related weight loss and wearing jeans I haven't worn in three years.

I'm surrounded by amazing people.

Including the two cutest boys in the world.

Spring is coming.

And today...

I feel strong.

I feel hopeful.

I feel like me.

I'm going with it.
I am 


  1. I am happy for you, but admittedly more than a little jealous. I wish that I had the kind of friends that you do. Sadly, while I am going through a rough patch I have kept everything to myself so as not to feed the gossip about why I left my associate position/how badly I have screwed up my life. Sorry to be a downer, but you really are incredibly fortunate to have friends rather than frenemies.

  2. @ 10:59 - I'm so sorry you are going through a rough time. I have been really open with what is going on with me with my close friends, and that has really helped. That must be so hard to keep everything to yourself - maybe you could reach out to at least one, sincere, trustworthy person. One thing I have learned through this is to reach out for, and directly ask for, support. It has made all the difference. And no matter what, you have not screwed up your life. Life is long, and there is ample time to bounce back. :) Best of luck to you. And feel free to email me if you want to talk/email:

  3. @Anonymous: These kind of decisions are the ones that shape us. Like what my grandmother used to say, there is no such thing as a bad decision, because whatever choice you make, you learn something from it.

  4. @Anon - I am like you; when I am facing a rough patch, it is incredibly difficult for me to reach out to people and ask for support. For me, it's not that I doubt people will offer it; it is that I have this stupid perception that asking for help shows weakness, dependency, etc. And the kicker is that I only have that skewed perception about myself (and it is purely and emotional perception; intellectually, I know differently). I think others who reach out and ask for support/help are strong and brave; reaching out to people makes you vulnerable to a degree, and making myself vulnerable has always been difficult for me. Ironically, the truth is that trying to remain an island is what really makes one vulnerable.

    All of that to say, I agree with Shannon. Try to find at least one person to talk to, even if that person is a professional therapist.

  5. Anon, I also agree with Shannon and Wendy. I have recently had to cut out some very nasty people from my life and thought the same - keep it all in. I have a friend and cousin who understand everything and it's kept my focus on the people that matter the most, myself and my family. Goodluck.


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