Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Away

Way back when I used to be a world traveler.  When I had kids, I figured it was something I would need to give up, for a variety of reasons - some financial, but mostly practical.  It's just not so fun to jet set with a toddler.

Then, when Braden was 15 months old, a good friend in Australia proposed that we meet in London, where we both had mutual friends.  My gut reaction was to say of course not, but then I reconsidered.

Why not?

So I did it.  I flew out on a Wednesday night and was back on Sunday.  It was exhausting, it was fun, it was refreshing.  I felt like I found me again, if only for a few days.  The me who wasn't a wife, wasn't a mother, wasn't a lawyer.  The me who was just a fun loving, laid back, globetrotter up for anything.  And I really love that me.

The two that made the trip all worth it.  Love you guys. 
And I'm so glad I went, because I almost didn't.  A few days before the trip, I got really scared.  Me, the former world traveler - scared!  It had been so long since I'd done anything like that by myself, that I wondered if I could still do it.  Travel overseas?  Alone?  With luggage?  How ever would I do it?  It's crazy how a learned helplessness had crept up on me.

I felt strong when I came back.  I felt independent.  I promised myself I would make it an annual thing.  Not necessarily a London trip, but some kind of mini-trip just for me.  A chance to reconnect with myself.

It hasn't happened.

Then, this past week, I found myself yearning for a get away more than ever.  And I allowed myself to silence all of the excuses I normally give myself:  How will the kids survive without me?  How will they ever get over their grief of missing me?  Should I really spend money on something like this when I'm not working?  What if the plane crashes and my children are left orphaned?  What I just want to kiss their faces and I can't because they are thousands of miles away?  What if some volcano erupts on Iceland and I get stuck in Europe for a year or more?

And so on and so forth.

I said screw it.  I went online.  I brainstormed all the possibilities, and I had a few key criteria:

1) The destination had to be international.  I just get super excited about using my passport, that's all.
2) The destination had to have friends.  This narrowed down the search to London, Edinburgh, Melbourne, and Tel Aviv.
3) The destination had to be close enough to do in a long weekend.  Melbourne and Tel Aviv got the ax (sorry Simi and Kim).

So London or Edinburgh?  Drum roll please.... I chose....


For a variety of reasons.  It's green.  It's pretty.  It has a castle.  It has deep fried Mars bars.  My friends there have a real house, with a real guestroom, with a garden.  And my best friend from London will meet me there.

But the real reason is that it's been seven years since I've been there, and I just need it right now. It's a home that I need to return to.

T minus six weeks, and I'm Scotland bound.


  1. That's fantastic! I really and truly hope you continue to give yourself this annual gift.

  2. That's awesome, I'm so impressed that you are picking yourself up and getting back to the things you love. As a new (young woman) lawyer who is struggling myself with figuring out a lot of things, you've given me a lot of inspiration. I hope your trip rejuvenates you and gives you time to yourself that you need!
    ~ Rachel

  3. Sounds great! My hubby studied in Dundee for a year so we spent part of our honeymoon in Edinburgh. Loved it. Can't wait till we can go back or I can travel without little ones (I'm still breastfeeding, so its not an option right now). Have a great time!

  4. I absolutely envy you but really happy for you as well. It's a good thing that you had time for yourself. I have never even tried globe-trotting my whole life and it sucks because I'm single. It's not as if I had kids to worry about. It's just, well, me. I'm way too scared of all the possible outcome. And for me, the scariest questions always begin with "What if?"

  5. I've been to both and I would say Edinburgh hands down. I love Scotland so much more than England, although England is pretty cool too.

  6. Gutted, gutted, gutted that I can't come and meet you! I was just about to open up webjet to see how much flights are but then realised I'm in Thailand!!

    I'm all over this annual international trip though! Let's co-ordinate a mid-point for the 2013 one.

    Been thinking about you. I hope you're ok. Sending you lots of love and looking forward to future travel adventures. I did tell you we have a spare room AND a pool now = ideal winter escape and children welcome :)


  7. Simi, I'm all about 2013. Truly. Lets make it happen! Miss you.

  8. As they say "go where the feet are tapping, go where the jocks are strapping". Have fun in Gillie scotchland before it gets independence and they ask you to swear allegiance to Sean Connery when passing through customs.

    Have fun!


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