Monday, October 29, 2012

House Arrest

There's this hurricane coming through town today, you may have heard of it. 

Photo from George Takei/Facebook

Which, by the way, is the dumbest name ever.  Who comes up with this crap???

Of course, before the storm even arrived, school had already been cancelled for two days, Federal Government workers were ordered to stay home, mass transit shut down, and most shockingly, my husband's office is closed.  If corporate lawyers aren't showing up for work, you know it's serious. 

We did what we were supposed to do.  We bought batteries, flashlights, and canned goods, got full tanks of gas, and took cash out at the ATM.  Oh, and the water.  We stocked up on water.  (Can I ask why by the way?  Is there a danger of water ceasing to come out of the faucet during a hurricane?  Clearly there is, I just don't get why.  I bought the water anyway). 

And now, we wait. 

It's raining out.

It's a bit windy. 

But come on, is this going to happen already? 

I've got to be honest, I'm going a bit stir crazy already and the party hasn't even begun.  All of us are still in our pajamas.  I haven't brushed my teeth (which is kind of gross, note to self to do so after I am done with this post).  We have watched about 8 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and/or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and now we have moved onto feature length films (Toy Story 3).  I've eaten two doughnuts, a hot dog (with frozen Skyline chili - if you know what I'm referring to, you can appreciate the amazingness of that), and chips with chili queso dip.  Now it's just T minus seven hours until it is appropriate to crack open a bottle of wine. (But if we lose electricity, all bets are off). 

This is a serious storm, and I don't mean to make light of it.  But lets get it over with already. 

In the meantime, I will continue to veg on the couch and periodically switch to the weather channel so I can watch the poor correspondent being pummelled by wind and rain, and for what?  Entertainment value?  Yes, I suppose so. 

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