Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Celebrity Wedding

The wedding I went to this past weekend was pretty unbelievable.  Over the top.  Extravagant.  But what do you expect from a celebrity wedding?  Well, maybe not Hollywood A-list style, but close to it. 

Have you ever seen that show on TLC, DC Cupcakes?  It's a reality show following the two sisters who own Georgetown Cupcake, which is a cupcake store chain in DC (soon to open in Manhattan).  The cupcakes are pretty amazing, but that's neither here nor there.

Well, my husband happens to work with the guy who married one of the sisters.  I know, it's weird, right?  A guy who is engaged (now married) to a reality TV star/owner of hugely successful cupcake chain chooses to spend his time in biglaw marking up credit agreements and taking notes during conference calls?  I can't imagine he's yearning for the partner track, but what do I know?  And anyway, that's also neither here nor there.

We got the invitation to the wedding last spring, and my first reaction:  We're there.  Nevermind I had never met the bride or the groom.  The wedding was in Santa Barbara.  At the San Ysidro Ranch.  It was being filmed for the TLC series (it will air in November!).  Um yeah, we're going.  My husband took a bit of convincing, but the tickets were booked in short order.  And so began the countdown to my first celebrity wedding. 

I went a bit crazy.  I went on a quest for the perfect dress and bought shoes that cost over $200 (and I NEVER do that).  I got a spray tan (the kind where you stand naked in front of a random person who sprays your insides).  I got my hair highlighted.  I got my make up done.  I lost ALL my baby weight about a day before the wedding (and gained three pounds back over the weekend).

This may all sound very superficial, and obviously, it is.  But it was more than just looking pretty for an extravagant wedding with cameras.  This was sort of a coming out for me.  Since giving up my legal career, I have been so focused on my kids.  I have been frumpy.  I have been lazy.  I have been old.  I have been in pajamas a lot.  With this trip, I wanted to reclaim myself a bit.  I wanted to prove to myself that when I want to, I can clean up and dress up and look good and have fun and talk to other adults about non-kid things.  I'm not just a mom.  I'm not just a former lawyer.  I am ME.  This night was as much about reclaiming some independence and freedom as it was about looking good in a black cocktail dress.   

And so I did.  I got all dressed up.  I drank lots of wine and ate lots of cupcakes.  I danced to songs I knew and songs that are probably really popular right now but I have never heard before.  I socialized.  I talked to other moms about mom things.  I talked to other lawyers about lawyer things.  I talked to other people about travel and politics and the fact that Jill Zarin was fired from the Real Housewives.  I took a ride in a golf cart (as a passenger of course).  I took drunken pictures.  I took off my shoes.  And in a few weak moments, I whispered to my husband how much I missed our kids.

We clean up nice!
The night was beautiful and refreshing.  I am so grateful to Ben and Katherine for sharing it with us and showing us such an incredible time.

Now, if I am shown doing anything embarrassing on the November wedding episode on TLC, it will be a different story.


  1. Whoo mama! THAT is nothing like frump! The dress is perfect and you two look so happy. I am sure TLC will give you your own show posthaste!

  2. PS: I hope you had a moment to tell Jill not to be such a B in the future. She is ruining the show!

  3. Love the dress + hair + makeup-- you look fabulous and that sounds like SO much fun! I'm definitely going to have to check out that episode and be on the lookout for you. Question for you - how did you find out the wedding would be filmed? Is that included on the invitation, on a separate insert in the envelope, or passed by word of mouth? I doubt that's in the etiquette books.

  4. Thanks so much! And K, it was mostly word of mouth. There were tons of cameras there, but it wasn't that noticeable (as pretty much every wedding has videographers these days). But, they do mention the wedding special on their facebook page (on Sept. 17 entry):

  5. Ah, just when I think I've caught up on all the coffee-on-keyboard posts, voila.

    Celebrity cake makers? Bizarre and yet brilliant.


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